Sunday, September 6, 2009

Enjoying Freedom

Posted by Megan at 2:21 PM
So today is technically my last full day of summer vacation (tomorrow I have to go to bed at a decent hour). I'm trying to savor it by doing.... well nothing. I'll probably be posting more once school starts, telling you all about the oh so thrilling things that go on day to day in my life, which living in my town isn't much. But its something at least.

Anyways off the subject of school cause it just depresses me. These past few weekends have been amazing for me. Last weekend we went up to Walmart to get my eyes checked and get a new pair of glasses, and instead I got contacts. I've wanted contacts for so long. The first day I had to put them in, I was starting to re-think it, I couldn't stop blinking, I hated having to touch my eye, it took like 40 minutes to get them in. Slowly over the next three or four days it got easier and easier and now I can get them in on the first try. It still takes me a little while to get comfortable in them when I first put them in. They usually feel uncomfy, but after 5 or 10 minutes its good. Now that I'm wearing them all day (when I first got them I could only wear them for a few hours) I'm starting to notice my eyes drying out, so last night we went to the store to find some rewetting drops (we finally figured out what I needed after my mom called Aunt Erika) so I'm hoping those work, and next Saturday I go back for a check up =)

But the REALLY big new (in my opinion anyways) came this weekend. After my Aunt Adrienne tweeted me a 20% off coupon for Coach. I took it as a joke because I adore purses, and have wanted a coach purse, but then my mommy tweeted that she printed it and MAYBE we could look. Well during the week, to get inspired my friend and I went to the mall and were looking around the Coach Outlet. I found a ton of adorable ones, I could spend hours in that store. So my mom came home this weekend, and I talked her into going. Now I must say when I went on Wednesday besides me and my friend there was like 2 people in there. This Saturday it was like a zoo. The look on my parent's faces was priceless, I seriously wish I had a picture. Neither of them understood the amazingness of a Coach purse. My mom found one she liked, but it didn't have the right shoulder strap, and she said something along the lines of "Who would pay $195 for a purse?" and the lady next to her goes "Oh I get one every year" while at the check out we heard the same lady talking about 10 people cutting them in line at the Coach store and it was this big thing, my dad seemed highly interested and amazed at how crazy people get over a purse. Anyways we found one for me =) it was after the 50% off from the store, and the 20% off fromt he coupon, $82 or something like that. Really not a bad price at all for a Coach purse. So I was beyond excited to finally have a Coach purse.

Oh and though no one cares but me the Longhorns won last night =)

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