Wednesday, September 9, 2009

My last first second day of school

Posted by Megan at 8:03 PM
So today was an even day, kinda like another first day of school. New classes and what note. I had another good day. Lunch is incredibly boring, cause we got a bunch of annoying people in it, but oh well life goes on. Anyways just like yesterday here's a break down of my classes.

2nd Block: Creative Writing
I already love this class. I love to write everything and anything. Two of my really close friends are in the class with me, so it's going to be a lot of fun. My teacher is Ms. Rose, and I have her for so much, but she is such a cool teacher so I'm really glad its her that I have all the time. She's a very laid back person, we normally have lots of free time to work on stuff in class, and just kind of hang out. We had homework, but I finished that in AC. All we had to do was write a list poem. Really easy stuff.

3rd Block: AC
Same stuff as yesterday. Nothing much exciting about that.

4th Block: Sociology
I looooove this class. My teacher is Mr. Boyce. He was my Sophmore AC teacher, and my US History teacher. He is one of the most go with the flow type of teachers I've ever had. He always has fun, we listen to music, watch videos that type of thing. He's traveled allllll over so we get to see things he brings back, I've tried some berry things from some other country. He brought in silk worms for people to try (im sure as you guys can guess I DID NOT try those lol). So he is such a cool teacher. Normally Mrs. Huber teachers that class, but I guess the state says she's not qualified so its Mr. Boyce's first year, and he has let us know that he's teaching a few other classes and that he still hasnt even read through the whole Soc book, and that it's pretty much going to be a blow off class. Which not that I need a blow off class, and I didnt expect it to be, but I'm always happy to have an easy class (considering I'm taking Pre-Calc). So I'm looking forward to that class, even though I don't really talk to anyone in the class, a lot of juniors are in there.

6th Block: English 12
Once again I have Ms. Rose. The class should be fun, normally I love English, but we're going to have a 10 page research paper that needs lots and lots of notecards. I HATE research papers. And even more I hate having to do notecards and bib cards. I just don't like that stuff and think its ridiculous to have to do it. Other than that it shouldnt be too bad. Once again I've got Ms. Rose and she's such a cool teacher it shouldnt be too bad. Thats another class where we've got time at the end to do work and just kind of hang out.

So over all I really love my Senior year. It's going to be a lot of fun, and I threw in Pre-Calc so its not a total blow off year lol. Still not sure if I'm going on Senior trip, I dont think so, its insanely expensive, but I'll see how things go.

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