Wednesday, September 23, 2009

Class of 2010

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So I'm totally loving being a Senior this year. I can remember back when I was in Elementary school and I was always trying to figure out what year I would graduate, and how old I would be, all that fun stuff. And now its here, its crazy but its so exciting. I ordered my Senior shirt, so hopefully I'll have pictures of that soon I think they are putting the order in today. I bought a Senior keychain thingy.

So yesterday we had our very last class meeting. We got these packets from the people we order our Cap And Gowns from, and they have so many cute things in there. But its all insanely expensive so I'm probably gonna stick with just the Cap And Gown.

We talked about all the fun stuff we get to do Senior Year. I'm really excited for the Senior Banquet, and Senior Lock In. It all seems like so much fun. We talked about Senior Trip, I hate when people talk about it cause it sounds like so much fun. This year they are stopping at Six Flags in Kentucky on the way there. And instead of chosing between Universal and Islands Of Adventure they want to buy ones where we can go back in forth. They are doing the Blue Man group, Sea World, the ocean, a myster dinner thing. It sounds like lots of fun. Til they told us it will be in the range of $550 give or take a little. So its insanely expensive. Plus they need the first paymet of either $120 or $150 (I cant remember which) by October 12-16 so they can hold a seat on the bus for you. So I've officially knocked Senior Trip off of my list of things, but the rest of it still seems like soooo much fun. So I'm really excited for everything else.

The actual school part of Senior year is pretty easy too. I'm doing this thing where I'm taking at least one picture every day that I'm at school. It shouldn't be a problem since I love to take pictures, I just cant slack off on the whole uploading them all every day thing. Cause I fill up my camera pretty fast. I may or may not post pictures. I'll probably post some once and a while. Then I'll post big events like homecoming. But if you wanna see the pictuers I tweet the majority of them.

I'm insanely busy these next few weekends. Like this weekend I'm going to my friends house Friday, Saturday we (me, mom, dad, possibly jacque) are gonna go see Fame. Then the next weekend after that is Homecoming so I've got the game Friday, my friend is having a bonfire after that, then the dance Saturday. The next weekend I'm probably going to get a chance to relax, but the one after that is the trip to NYC =) So I'm on the go a lot these next few weekends.

Sunday, September 20, 2009

Staying Positive

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Things have been really good for me lately. Which makes me slightly nervous that things wont stay that way, but I'm going to just go ahead and enjoy the good things =) Most of it you guys won't care about, so I won't really get into that, but one of the things is I may be going to New York City in October. We (Me, mom, dad, mel, and jon) were supposed to take Lynn to a water park in Pennsylvania, but instead we may take her to the zoo in Central Park. Which makes me incredibly happy because I love the city so much and can't wait to go back. My mom said we are just going for the day, I think we should find a cheap hotel, stay an extra day and take Lynn to the Toys R Us store, and maybe Build A Bear, find some other fun things do to. I was going to look for hotels but Google's not working for me. So I guess I'll just have to wait and see what happens. Either way I'm super excited to be going =)

School's going good. I love all of my classes except Pre-Calc. I'm not even going to get into how awful that class it. I love Yearbook so much though. We have a project where we have to take pictures using different styles. I've finished part of it so I figured I would post the pictures I've taken so far. These ones aren't for the yearbook itself, I think its a, she needs a grade type of thing. So anyways here are the pictures I have so far.

Point Of View:
"Looking In"

"Reflective Surface"

"Looking Down"

"Looking Through" (The Dollar Bill)


"Worms Eye View"

Composition: All nature- textures, patterns, ect.





Okay so I figured I would share those pictures with you guys. I'll try and post again soon, hopefully I'll have more pictures to share =)

Wednesday, September 9, 2009

My last first second day of school

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So today was an even day, kinda like another first day of school. New classes and what note. I had another good day. Lunch is incredibly boring, cause we got a bunch of annoying people in it, but oh well life goes on. Anyways just like yesterday here's a break down of my classes.

2nd Block: Creative Writing
I already love this class. I love to write everything and anything. Two of my really close friends are in the class with me, so it's going to be a lot of fun. My teacher is Ms. Rose, and I have her for so much, but she is such a cool teacher so I'm really glad its her that I have all the time. She's a very laid back person, we normally have lots of free time to work on stuff in class, and just kind of hang out. We had homework, but I finished that in AC. All we had to do was write a list poem. Really easy stuff.

3rd Block: AC
Same stuff as yesterday. Nothing much exciting about that.

4th Block: Sociology
I looooove this class. My teacher is Mr. Boyce. He was my Sophmore AC teacher, and my US History teacher. He is one of the most go with the flow type of teachers I've ever had. He always has fun, we listen to music, watch videos that type of thing. He's traveled allllll over so we get to see things he brings back, I've tried some berry things from some other country. He brought in silk worms for people to try (im sure as you guys can guess I DID NOT try those lol). So he is such a cool teacher. Normally Mrs. Huber teachers that class, but I guess the state says she's not qualified so its Mr. Boyce's first year, and he has let us know that he's teaching a few other classes and that he still hasnt even read through the whole Soc book, and that it's pretty much going to be a blow off class. Which not that I need a blow off class, and I didnt expect it to be, but I'm always happy to have an easy class (considering I'm taking Pre-Calc). So I'm looking forward to that class, even though I don't really talk to anyone in the class, a lot of juniors are in there.

6th Block: English 12
Once again I have Ms. Rose. The class should be fun, normally I love English, but we're going to have a 10 page research paper that needs lots and lots of notecards. I HATE research papers. And even more I hate having to do notecards and bib cards. I just don't like that stuff and think its ridiculous to have to do it. Other than that it shouldnt be too bad. Once again I've got Ms. Rose and she's such a cool teacher it shouldnt be too bad. Thats another class where we've got time at the end to do work and just kind of hang out.

So over all I really love my Senior year. It's going to be a lot of fun, and I threw in Pre-Calc so its not a total blow off year lol. Still not sure if I'm going on Senior trip, I dont think so, its insanely expensive, but I'll see how things go.

Tuesday, September 8, 2009

First Odd Day Of School

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So today was my first odd day of school. I managed to fall asleep around 10 which is incredibly early for me, and instead of sleeping til 6 I woke up at 5:30. I'm super tired and trying to avoid a nap right now.

So first I'm gonna start off with the negative (Since most of it was good stuff)

The bus system is all messed up now. I'm on a totally different bus in the morning that I was last year and now my friend Jacque isnt on with me. The positive side of all this is I dont have to deal with this guy Trent who is incredibly annoying. The busses are messed up in the afternoon too. I normally rode the bus to the stop at the Country Club, but now they dont go there. There's only three stops the first one being the middle school where I get off. Its a way longer walk (which is fine now til winter comes then it sucks majorly) but the plus is its the first stop. And another plus once again is no Trent.

The other negative is I fell. There was some stupid puddle by the water fountain, and I was busy talking and I slipped and fell. Most of you know back at the begining of the year I fractured my ankle, and that ankle is hurting now, but I dont think its as serious as before.

Oh and the last negative is my Pre-Calc class. My teacher, as much as he is totally awesome (I had him last year for AC), he's got some issues. He has a tendancy to go off on random tangets about things that mean nothing at all. And I'm afraid of how I'll do in that class, since he's talks so much about things other than math.

Wait one more negative. AC used to be just study hall, with a ciriculum assignment on Monday's. But now they've cut down our passing time from 9 minutes to 6, and added that on to AC. Now in AC Monday, Wednesday, and Friday we have to watch Channel One and write a "journal entry" about it, then on Tuesday, and Thursday we have to read a book for like 20 minutes and do another Entry about it. I dont like that change at all.

Anyways onto the good stuff. Here's how my classes went today:

1st Block: Choir
I loooooved Choir! It is by far my favorite class of the day. My teacher is so much fun, she was so upbeat and it was just totally awesome. We didn't do much today. We did some fun little exercise things, and talked about how the year should play out. Then at the end she showed us a clip from the Carol Bernette (I think thats her name) show that featured the Jackson 5. Over all I just loooooved that class. I cant wait to do it for the rest of the year.

3rd Block: AC
AC seems pretty icky this year. I really only talk to one person in there (Erica) we share a locker. But since things have changed its just not the same. Plus I totally hate my teacher. Its the teacher I had for swimming my Freshman year, and he's a complete jerk. But at least its just AC, and anyone is better than my Freshman AC teacher.

5th Block: Pre-Calc
Yuckkk. I hate this class already. I have my teacher that I had for AC last year. And he's such a fun person, but thats not what I need for a math class. Math isnt my strong suit, and I dont know how well I'm going to do in that class. And there's no other teachers in the school that teach Pre-Calc so there's no switching teachers. I'll just try my best and my really smart friends (Nichole and Chayton) can help me too so thats always good. Oh and we've already got an insane amount of homework, even though we didnt go over a lesson today <__<

C Lunch: I got C lunch which I loved today. I had Nichole, Ayla, and Chayton in it, which all of us together is always lots of fun. So I'm really happy to have a good lunch this year. I have C lunch tomorrow too lets just hope its as good as todays =)

7th Block: Yearbook
This class seems pretty fun. My teacher is Ms. Rose, who is really awesome, but her room sucks lol. The seats are uncomfy, but the bad thing is I have her for three of my classes (Yearbook, English 12, and Creative Writing). But other than that I think I'll love it. A big part of the yearbook is taking pics which I looooove to do so I have a feeling this class will be good.

Besides the few little icky things. Today was a really fun day. I especially <3 Choir. Here's tomorrow's break down of classes

2nd Block: Creative Writing
3rd Block: AC
4th Block: Sociology (next semester that will change to Developemental Pyschology)
6th Block: English 12

I'll post tomorrow about my even day classes =)

Sunday, September 6, 2009

Enjoying Freedom

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So today is technically my last full day of summer vacation (tomorrow I have to go to bed at a decent hour). I'm trying to savor it by doing.... well nothing. I'll probably be posting more once school starts, telling you all about the oh so thrilling things that go on day to day in my life, which living in my town isn't much. But its something at least.

Anyways off the subject of school cause it just depresses me. These past few weekends have been amazing for me. Last weekend we went up to Walmart to get my eyes checked and get a new pair of glasses, and instead I got contacts. I've wanted contacts for so long. The first day I had to put them in, I was starting to re-think it, I couldn't stop blinking, I hated having to touch my eye, it took like 40 minutes to get them in. Slowly over the next three or four days it got easier and easier and now I can get them in on the first try. It still takes me a little while to get comfortable in them when I first put them in. They usually feel uncomfy, but after 5 or 10 minutes its good. Now that I'm wearing them all day (when I first got them I could only wear them for a few hours) I'm starting to notice my eyes drying out, so last night we went to the store to find some rewetting drops (we finally figured out what I needed after my mom called Aunt Erika) so I'm hoping those work, and next Saturday I go back for a check up =)

But the REALLY big new (in my opinion anyways) came this weekend. After my Aunt Adrienne tweeted me a 20% off coupon for Coach. I took it as a joke because I adore purses, and have wanted a coach purse, but then my mommy tweeted that she printed it and MAYBE we could look. Well during the week, to get inspired my friend and I went to the mall and were looking around the Coach Outlet. I found a ton of adorable ones, I could spend hours in that store. So my mom came home this weekend, and I talked her into going. Now I must say when I went on Wednesday besides me and my friend there was like 2 people in there. This Saturday it was like a zoo. The look on my parent's faces was priceless, I seriously wish I had a picture. Neither of them understood the amazingness of a Coach purse. My mom found one she liked, but it didn't have the right shoulder strap, and she said something along the lines of "Who would pay $195 for a purse?" and the lady next to her goes "Oh I get one every year" while at the check out we heard the same lady talking about 10 people cutting them in line at the Coach store and it was this big thing, my dad seemed highly interested and amazed at how crazy people get over a purse. Anyways we found one for me =) it was after the 50% off from the store, and the 20% off fromt he coupon, $82 or something like that. Really not a bad price at all for a Coach purse. So I was beyond excited to finally have a Coach purse.

Oh and though no one cares but me the Longhorns won last night =)

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