Wednesday, September 23, 2009

Class of 2010

Posted by Megan at 8:03 PM
So I'm totally loving being a Senior this year. I can remember back when I was in Elementary school and I was always trying to figure out what year I would graduate, and how old I would be, all that fun stuff. And now its here, its crazy but its so exciting. I ordered my Senior shirt, so hopefully I'll have pictures of that soon I think they are putting the order in today. I bought a Senior keychain thingy.

So yesterday we had our very last class meeting. We got these packets from the people we order our Cap And Gowns from, and they have so many cute things in there. But its all insanely expensive so I'm probably gonna stick with just the Cap And Gown.

We talked about all the fun stuff we get to do Senior Year. I'm really excited for the Senior Banquet, and Senior Lock In. It all seems like so much fun. We talked about Senior Trip, I hate when people talk about it cause it sounds like so much fun. This year they are stopping at Six Flags in Kentucky on the way there. And instead of chosing between Universal and Islands Of Adventure they want to buy ones where we can go back in forth. They are doing the Blue Man group, Sea World, the ocean, a myster dinner thing. It sounds like lots of fun. Til they told us it will be in the range of $550 give or take a little. So its insanely expensive. Plus they need the first paymet of either $120 or $150 (I cant remember which) by October 12-16 so they can hold a seat on the bus for you. So I've officially knocked Senior Trip off of my list of things, but the rest of it still seems like soooo much fun. So I'm really excited for everything else.

The actual school part of Senior year is pretty easy too. I'm doing this thing where I'm taking at least one picture every day that I'm at school. It shouldn't be a problem since I love to take pictures, I just cant slack off on the whole uploading them all every day thing. Cause I fill up my camera pretty fast. I may or may not post pictures. I'll probably post some once and a while. Then I'll post big events like homecoming. But if you wanna see the pictuers I tweet the majority of them.

I'm insanely busy these next few weekends. Like this weekend I'm going to my friends house Friday, Saturday we (me, mom, dad, possibly jacque) are gonna go see Fame. Then the next weekend after that is Homecoming so I've got the game Friday, my friend is having a bonfire after that, then the dance Saturday. The next weekend I'm probably going to get a chance to relax, but the one after that is the trip to NYC =) So I'm on the go a lot these next few weekends.

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