Friday, August 14, 2009

Moving into school mode

Posted by Megan at 2:47 PM
So I have enjoyed my summer vacation so much, and that has all come tumbling down today realizing that well school starts in less than a month! We got a bunch of stuff from the school today. Tons of info on whats going on my senior year and all that fun stuff. Which means that now its about time that I start getting back into school mode =( Which means not staying up until 5 in the morning and sleeping in until 2. Anyways so here's a basic outline of what I get to expect this school year.

  • We start on September 8th
  • Homecoming gave is October 2nd
  • Homecoming dance is October 3rd
  • Sr. Trip Payment 1 is due October 12th-16th
  • End of 1st Marking Period is October 16th
  • We get out early on October 29th & 30th
  • End of 2nd Marking Period is November 25th (Dad's Bday)
  • Thanksgiving Break is November 26th-27th
  • Christmas Vacation is December 23rd- January 1st
  • I have Exams January 19th, 20th, 21st, 22nd (Also end of sememster). All early release except the 19th
  • No school January 25th
  • First day of 2nd semester is January 26th. Also 2nd Sr. Trip Payment is 26th-29th
  • I turn 18 on February 12th!!!!!!
  • All remaining Sr. Trip money due March 1st-5th
  • End of fourth Marking Period is March 4th
  • Senior Sendoff is March 9th
  • March 26th is the deadline for seniors to pay off old fines
  • Mandatory parent meeting for Senior trip is March 31st
  • Spring Break is April 2nd- 12th
  • End of fifth marking period is April 23rd
  • SENIOR TRIP! (IDK if im going yet or not) is April 23rd-29
  • Prom is on May 15th
  • Senior Banquet/Awards is May 20th
  • No school on May 31st
  • Exams on June 8th (full day), 9th, 10th, and 11th (all half days). The 11th is the last day of school
  • Graduation is on June 19th
So pretty much thats the basic schedule for special days. We dont have as many days off as I'd hoped =( but there's always a chance for snow days so thats good at least. I'm really excited for Senior Trip, I'm hoping I get to go. I'm planning on getting a job when I start school (I've been gone all summer or I would have started before) but I need to save money to go to Tucson for Spring Break, and I need to save for NYC. But I've been looking forward to Florida since like middle school so I'm gonna see if I can do it. I'm really excited for everything happening this year. Its probably going to be so much more easier than the rest of the years in the past. I can't wait to get my schedule, I dont think its fair that they make us wait until the first day of school. Anyways I'll post again soon hopefully =)

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