Sunday, August 23, 2009


Posted by Megan at 9:05 PM

So I am posting this from my new laptop (Lollipop). My mommy bought me a new pink lollipop Dell. I'm super excited. I love these computers, ever since I saw the Lollipop commercial haha plus I really needed a new one. So I'm super excited to have this!
Anyways nothing too much new is me. I'm probably still going to see Creed on Tuesday. I'll post about that when its done.
Other than that its been pretty normal. I'm downstate again for the week. Went to the beach with my mom, Jackson, and Aunt Erika. It was freeeeezing. Like 59 degrees, however the lake was amazing. It was actual warm compared to the air. The waves were pretty incredible. They were really strong though, we couldnt go very far in because of it. The wind was also insane. But after we went in and Jackson played in the sand we went into the little cafe place and watched Spongebob and talked. It was a really fun day.

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